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The Confidence Academy Podcast

Jun 6, 2020

I thought I would publish this episode over here as well to let you all know that I recently launched a brand new show called Waking Up To Purpose!


It is the perfect progression on from The Confidence Academy Podcast and I just know you'll love the interviews and content I've got for you over there.


I will continue to upload episodes to The Confidence Academy when it feels aligned to do so, but my regular content will now be hosted over on Waking Up To Purpose.


So, if you feel called, I would love to invite you to come over to my new show and take a listen.  We are already 9 episodes in and the conversations are pure FIRE!


If you love what you hear, please consider giving me a rate and review on ITunes so I can reach even more people!


Thank you for your amazing support since the launch of this show in truly means the world!


Big love

Lilli xx


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