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The Confidence Academy Podcast

Feb 13, 2020

Let's get this party started!  I sit down virtually with Rochelle Smethurst, Lifestyle Coach and my fellow book sister from the Notes To My Younger Self book series!

Our book is now out in the world and available for purchase.  You can grab your copy here:


Feb 12, 2020

Waaaaahhhhhh!!!!!  This time tomorrow I will be a published author!!

Our book Notes To My Younger Self A Pay It Forward Series Volume 3 hits Amazon as a Kindle download and then on 13th March it launches as a paperback!

Writing my chapter in this book has been such a phenomenal experience and I can't wait for you to...

Feb 7, 2020

In this short and sweet yet powerful episode I talk about the power of being able to find the lessons in your struggles.

What inspired this episode was actually the mother of all stressful school mornings earlier this week!  As a deep thinker I often over-analyse situations after they've played out and on this occasion...