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The Confidence Academy Podcast

Jul 21, 2021

This was an incredibly exciting episode of TCA-Live because it featured one of my favourite singers, Natalie Weiss!


We raised the very important point that anxiety really doesn't care who you are or what you do and that it's sometimes even harder for those in the public eye or with perceived 'dream jobs'...

Jul 21, 2021

On the show this week is professional Singer and Broadway performer Afra Hines!


Afra has performed in 8 broadway shows and has therefore experienced countless audition situations where she had to navigate the feelings of anxiety and stress as well as worry that she might not live up to expectations.  On top of that,...

Jul 14, 2021

Taniya Hussain is a Transformational Coach and owner of Taniya Hussain Coaching And Consultancy Services.


Taniya has been a practicing social worker since 1991 and trained in Psychodynamic counselling and Islamic counselling in 1993.  She is the intersection of Jungian Psychology and Islamic Psychology and has now...