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The Confidence Academy Podcast

Nov 10, 2017

The Confidence Academy Podcast launches with this pilot episode all about how to calm anxiety.


Lilli Badcock is the Founder of The Confidence Academy and a Transformational Confidence Coach who was diagnosed with GAD in 2013.


Since then she has built a business helping other anxiety sufferers to thrive in spite of it and this podcast is the next part of her journey!


Show Notes and References:


The Top Ten Ways To Calm Anxiety:

1.  Singing -

2.  Yoga

3.  Meditation

4.  Writing/Journaling

5.  Music -

6.  EFT or Tapping

7.  Talking or sharing your own experiences.

8.  Exercise -

9.  Pivoting technique…what DO I want?

10. Affirmations

I am healthy

I am happy

I am confident

I am powerful

I am unstoppable

I am fearless

I am awesome

I am successful

I am strong

I am focused

I am free

I am amazing