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The Confidence Academy Podcast

Aug 27, 2021

After a heavy accident when she was 16, Cornelia not only suffered from tremendous pain and problems with her spine, but experienced a series of slipped discs, starting in her late twenties. Due to neurological malfunction, her legs had been paralyzed for several weeks for several times. Operations and all the naturopath methods on the market back these days did not make any difference.
Then a friend came up with Reiki, and soon Cornelia had her initiation. That ceremony opened up all her spiritual channels at once, which caused a lot of confusion, anger and fear. Some years later, a physiotherapist (who was a medical intuitive, but Cornelia did not know that at that moment) told her - out of the blue - that she had a spiritual task to fulfill.
Apparently, Cornelia was not committed to this task back then, but she didn't refuse either. That's where her active spiritual path has its roots.
Nowadays she works as a spiritual medium with the specialisation to read the energy field, timeline, and circumstances that people experience as problems or blockages. She is quite a Sherlock when it comes to finding the hidden origin of almost everything. In 2020 she found out that she is a very good mentor for young lightworkers (that must not have to do with age). Since then she offers to guide everyone who is not sure of their abilities, doubts that their gifts "work," and she works with them on how to apply their abilities in the best possible way. She also helps them overcome their spiritual and physical blockages.
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