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The Confidence Academy Podcast

Mar 4, 2020

Self-belief is at the root of ALL success.  

You could have the very best resources in the world - the best mentors, training, support etc - but if you don't believe in your ability to create positive change, nothing will work.  Not really!

When we believe in ourselves we are able to show up and help others as well as ourselves.

Here's what a lack of self-belief can look like:

*  Struggling to see results no matter how hard you try (This is true for weight loss, business, relationships...anything!)

*  Finding other people and circumstances to blame for your own discomfort.  Ouch!  I know that one stings but it's true!

*  Failure to commit or see things through to completion!

*  Procrastination and lack of motivation!

*  Staying hidden and/or silent.  In other words, not giving anyone the opportunity to help you elevate to the next level!

*  Constant questioning and second-guessing your abilities!

*  Resentment, envy, jealousy etc!

Are you struggling with a lack of self-belief at the moment?  Don't worry!  I've got you!

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