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The Confidence Academy Podcast

Aug 3, 2018

In this episode I was really intrigued to chat with Marina Darlow who is a Systems Consultant for heart-centred businesses. 

We chatted about how implementing systems in business AND life can help to reduce the anxiety and overwhelm that so many of us struggle with.

Marina says...

"The reason I've started my business in the first place is to reduce overwhelm for people I care about. Anxiety can be crippling, and to a degree it's inevitable when you run your own gig. In a sense, the purpose and the essence of what I do is helping people deal with the anxieties, business-related and otherwise."

I found this a really refreshing take on managing anxiety and I know you will find this really helpful.  As always, do let me know if you implement anything as a result of listening to this episode and let me know how it helps you.


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