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The Confidence Academy Podcast

Jan 20, 2018

In this episode I chatted to Mindset and Lifestyle Coach Bronwen Goodbar.
After moving from Australia to London to excel her 8 year career in advertising, Bronwen hit an intense emotional tipping point. She had suffered secretly for many years with high-functioning anxiety and panic attacks, which had finally come to a head and left her broken emotionally, mentally and physically. Determined to not let her anxiety define her, she embarked on an 12 month journey of self discovery, personal development and life coaching to strengthen her mindset and help others take back control of their lives and achieve emotional freedom.
She is now the founder of Aspire&Rebel, a mindset and lifestyle coaching practice that helps ambitious career women who are done with letting anxiety control their lives, and who are ready to create a life designed by their own rules, on their own terms and based on their own version of success.
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