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The Confidence Academy Podcast

Jan 3, 2019

Waahhhh!!  Happy 2019 to you all!!

We are BACK with a bang and ready to kick off this new year with a POWERFUL episode!

2018 seemed to host a collective awakening across the world and now more and more people are beginning to realise that they are here for a divine purpose!

As exciting as that realisation can be, it can also be completely overwhelming and confronting.  But fear not!  I have called in some of the most amazing people from around the world to support and guide you on this journey you find yourself on.

In this episode, I chatted to the beautiful and vibrant Leslie Stewart about many things but in particular the fact that we just get to focus on what our purpose is.  We don't have to know HOW it will all unfold!

More about Leslie...

Leslie Kathryn Stewart is passionate about helping women create what’s been calling to them in work, love and life. As a former corporate Sales & Marketing Executive-turned-Transformational Coach and Intuitive Energy Healer, Leslie offers individual and group programs, retreats and private intensives. Although she’s trained and certified in coaching, clairvoyant reading, and energy healing, her true expertise in guiding and teaching others comes from walking the path of transformation and healing in her own life. Leslie’s been a featured expert on ABC TV and the San Francisco Chronicle. Visit to learn more and stay connected.

More about Lilli...

Lilli Badcock is an Intuitive Confidence Coach with a passion for helping others build unshakeable confidence to be themselves unapologetically.  As a professional Singer and Vocal Coach, Lilli uses Music and Singing as a powerful tool to help her clients make the transition from anxious and lost to confident and fulfilled.

You can connect with Lilli in the following ways...

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