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The Confidence Academy Podcast

Jan 17, 2022

This seems to be an ongoing theme for me at the moment and I am constantly seeing opportunities to allow things to be messy and imperfect but to press on regardless instead of back peddling as I may have done in the past.


Even the experience of getting this episode out was a total farce from start to finish, which saw my bank account compromised, meaning I couldn't pay to keep my podcast live!  So I literally couldn't get this out on Friday as I'd hoped.  But instead of giving up and making that mean something, I just published it today instead.  Boom.  Done!


How many times have you allowed circumstances to dictate your success?  How many times have you allowed imperfection to be the reason you don't take action on a nudge?  


This episode is for you and I hope it helps.  


PS:  Please excuse the dodgy sound quality.  All will be revealed in the episode and I promise to do better next week!


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